Have A Headache/Stressed?

A friend the other day had a bad headache, and I decided to give her my top tips how I relax since I get stress headaches all the time. Now I feel like telling them to you guys... because who doesn't want to read about tips about headaches?

  1. Make sure you have a fresh glass of cold water, and plenty of it.
  2. If you're inside, get some fresh air into the place.
  3. Close all blinds/curtains to make it dark.
  4. Lessen noise volume.
  5. Get a hot or cold flannel (depending on temperature) and rest it on your forehead, and lie down. 
  6. Eat an orange or apple. The vitamins clears your nose in case you have any snot or blocked nose.
  7. Get into comfy clothes if you're not already.
  8. Light some relaxing candles. Lavender is a scent that especially relaxes you. If you have any oils/lotion that is lavender, apply some at your feet and ankles, and your wrists. This will spread around your body, un-tensing it.
  9. Give yourself a facial/cleanse yourself.
  10. Have a bubble bath.
These hopefully helped you, they always help me. My golden rule for any situation is: always. eat. chocolate.

the other one.