My wishes

Where have I been for the past week? Am I dead? On an adventure? Socializing? *gasp* it hasn't gotten to that stage yet, my loves.

What I have been doing is enjoying my holidays like I know best: rewatching every romcom on the planet; including a few disney classics, of course.

What brings us to prefer a certain genre more than another? Do we want to be in that world? To have that lifestyle, adrenaline (or lack of) and a wonderful story? I can't stand a full on romance movie, for I am too cynical. But not cynile enough for the loathe of dinsey classics. I need the humour of mocking sense, usually by some obnoxiously, handsome man in the movie. I find myself analyzing every piece of any source of entertainment. I resent my English teacher's for that. 

Do you ever hate finding the one. That one perfect movie that you just want more of; every expectation of it's nonexistent sequels to be marvelous? But it's been 5 years, the actors are old and it's too late for the cast to come back together. I hate this. There are so many movies I need to see, my only problem is that they don't exist.

If I had 3 wishes on this earth, they would be:

1. All my fantasties and fanfiction dreams would come true; with no disappointment (this is my perfect world)
2. Make all my actors, producers and any other contributors to my entertainment and I immortal.
3. Is a secret, for now.

What movies/books/other would you wish more of? More friends(TV show, not your social anarchy of injustice with a hint of self pleasure from other's company), more disney, Audrey Hepburn...

the other one