the negativity overload

Talking regularly on twitter and other social media sites, I've come across many of my internet friends feeling worries, down and overall depressed. I, too, can sympathise on all the thoughts that come to them, and I've found a very strong method to help to lessen the negativity (usually I try to stop thinking about my peers and others' views on me; things I can't control). My councillor is the one to credit, but he taught me that whenever I don't feel good enough; when I don't feel worthy, to clear my mind and picture the biggest STOP sign in my head.

I know a lot of you may not want to think happier (because you're the one causing the thoughts; not your surroundings), but take it from me, over the past few weeks I've changed from all of this. I've recognised my goals (some my not have any... think of all the people you wish you were right now; celebrities, youtubers, authors, ect, and ask yourself if you had the choice of being them; would you want yourself to be sad?), and realised who I want to be. Regardless of what I am reminded of from other people.

Cut off anybody that is making you not believe in yourself. Especially if it's friends. If it's family or other, focus on the years you have left with them until you're in control of your life: not them. They don't deserve your excellence, and you don't deserve their shit. Like a gifset I found from tumblr: Shoulders down, neck long, and think murder. Until you have your shit sorted; at least act like it. Maybe one day, it'll just be you. Your skin. Your body. Your life. Surround yourself with the better people in life, even if it is one or two people, and surround yourself with goals. Achieving the baby steps; day by day.

I hope this helped. Please share this to your friends/family that may need advice.

the other one.