Blog Makeover!

Scrolling through Pinterest, I found some excellent tips on a good blog. Albeit, probably advice from a middle aged house wife who enjoys spending her time writing "fashion tips" after dropping off the kids to school. But alas! I loved the article, and I've been inspired to jazz up this blog. For the sake of my now, get this, 4 followers. Thank you to all that subscribe!

On my blog, I hope to achieve reaching out to an audience. About my passions; writing, books, graphic design, hair/beauty tips, feminism, self care... the list goes on! Of course, their will be days I will blog about mental illness. I'm sorry my blog is such a diversity.

I'll probably have designated days when I post a weekly thing. Review Sunday, Madhair Mondays, Tip Tuesday, Web Wednesday, Feminist Friday... okay maybe I can't be a daily blogger... But I have the intentions! I'd like to blog about books and writing and beauty so I shall!

Things you should know about me;

  • I have long hair, so my hair posts will be suited for this (sorry short hair'ed people)
  • Book reviews will be written by an average high school student, and a student writing reviews for recreational purposes. So if you have your clipboard and assessment marking sheet perched; throw them away! I'll be speaking on the terms of a hopeless romantic who enjoys a range of YA dystopia (it's overrated now, I know) to classical stories. Most of the time, they'll probably have some sort of romance in them. I do enjoy adventure and paranormal too!
  • I am mentally ill; but I'm not a psychologist or any sort of professional. Trigger warning to future and previous posts. 
  • I'm no beauty/make up guru.... But I do adore it, like any teen girl who spends her free time watching/reading tips. So I'l probably scoop out which really work and report back to you. 
So while I maintain my blog; bear with me. Spread the word! The best blog to ever exist here, queer and ready for some flair (I cringe at myself too; don't you worry)

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