Daily Log


I woke up 20 minutes for school today- oops. I hurried along, tried a new Pinterest hairdo (which I received plenty of compliments for, thankfully). Currently, I'm subjected to learning quite a bit of religion at the moment. It's starting to set an effect on me, which is being treated remorsefully.

I ate 2 brownies today, and I'm fully aware I will regret this in the long run. Unless I do run, but I doubt I'll be leaving my room for the next 24 hours anyways.

I'm enjoying studying Shakespeare, it's very pleasant to find meaning easily through the texts. Although, ancient plays wouldn't be my go to for studying relevant aspects of humanity in modern society.

After 4 hours of maintenance, my blog is a bit more modernised. I've spoken with a fellow friend who is thinking of co authouring this blog with me. I'd feel relieve to have more diverse features and articles, but it also means I reveal my mental illness documents. The previous and the future. Which would be dreadful, considering she can be a reason I get upset. Not all the time, but some.

I also went to youth group for a useless hour, which I could've spent reading and blogging. But oh well, that's my socialising for the week. I'm exhausted after that.

Thanks to all that have answered my poll- it's really helping me out! Please share my page with others, whether they enjoy beauty, books or self care.

I'm thinking of doing mass posts reviewing Pinterest things. What do you think?

Post your comments below, I'll be sure to check them out!

Until next time, night little others x

the other one