Post Fail

A snap from my phone, as a substitute :(

This morning I was going to show you my skin care routine, so I got out my supplies and camera.

I set up the products to look all cute and bloggery, when the disaster begun.

My camera didn't have my SD card. What's wrong with that? Well, I haven't touched my camera since Photography class last Wednesday, and we didn't utilise them due to a Photoshop lesson.

I went along with my backup card, begining to take off the lense cap.

But, oh,



It's jammed onto the lense! It's completely stuck. I took a look at the settings on the camera; none of them were my usual settings.

My camera is quite common, Canon 600D.

I'm devastated that either somebody has broken my camera, or replaced it with theirs.

Either way, that camera cost me $700 and I want my good ol' camera back!

Until next,

the other one