Daily Log

Good evening, readers!

Today I had to wake up at 7am on a Sunday, for work. I don't usually work, but my mother pulled me into hers for some easy money. Easy indeed. I worked for 5 hours at Pandora, simply making the bags they use to gift purchases in. I got to observe a whole range of middle aged housewives spending money on a franchise that lacks everything including originality. I hear one server explain to the buyer how "personal the experience is" to buy their jewellery. I rolled my eyes and focused on what I will do with my money once I'm done ( books, books and more books). There is anything but a personal experience when it comes to buying factorised cheap Thailand metal, sold at it's peak for a trend because the jewellery has become affordable for the working class.

As I was walking buy an optometrist, I overheard 2 of the specialists. "Why can't they just see? It's so obvious. JUST SAY THE DAMN LETTER." Initially, I was shaken by hearing somebody trained to deal with eye problems to be complaining about it, but it made me consider how many times I've trusted people because that's how I've been taught. Their labels equal trust, when this is not the fact at all. Why are we still surprises when a close one betrays us? Because we've been taught to, because of their level. Our society has constructed a trust system that is completely faulted. Pop hits are constantly about trust issues from lovers. The pain and misery is there because they are shocked somebody that has obtained a high level of trust betrayed it. We should learn to trust, but also be aware that no matter how close, they're all on the same level of opportunity to break your trust.

On another more superficial note, my foundation was imported in! Hoorah! I am an extremely pale person, and they had to order in a lighter shade for me. The downfall of being pale in the coastal regions of Australia, I tell ya'. I have found a perfect primer and concealer, so I will update you on the products in another post, and review them for you.

A few days ago, I introduced my friend into this world. Please check her out if you're interested in veganism and other quirky posts.

I'll update you more on my weekend tomorrow,

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