Finally my second term is over!

It's actually going pretty fast- I'm scared for my final year in high school that's coming closer.

To celebrate the end of term I had a few friends over to eat some pizza and play Cards Against Humanity. It certainly was fun; laughter, food and a good game. I'm still eased by social situations so it wasn't the best. By the end of it I was ready to crash. It truly was a good night, better than going out to an event I'm forced to endure with content I'm not really wanting to hear.

My holiday's are going to be filled (hopefully) with:
  • a book a day
  • go for a run once a day
  • eating healthy (?????? I haven't done this in a while)
  • eventually doing my assignments, probably the last week of it
I'm either super healthy or super not so I'll keep you posted on my goals. If I focus on these as a mantra with "focus only on today" then hopefully I can do it!

Current Weight: 76.6kg
Social Event/Outings: 1 (pizza game night)
- english muffin + peanut butter
- 10 biscuits + a few honey soy chicken chips
- apple
- caramel popcorn
- roll + sausage
- half a pizza
- MnM's
- 2 meat balls + cake + 4 cups of green tea
Books: about to read at least a chapter

As you can see this needs to be changed but hey it was Friday.

I constantly feel guilty and I hate it. It's mainly for my appearance... my chubbiness needs to be 'fixed'. And I'm going to. It's time to just go for a weight loss craze for 3 weeks. It'll be good for my health and plus people are nicer to you! :) 

Wish me the strength for this, please. I have troubles sticking to my plans.


Wake up, breakfast, make bed, wear my bikini and stand in front of the mirror, get running gear on (including my DD sports bra that I just got!!), shower, fruit and tea, read book, tea, read, fruit/lunch, read, dinner, blog post, movie/tv show.

Even if I can't run the entire time, just having time to be outside and listening to music to clear my head will be good.

Current music favourites:
  • Comptine D'un Autre été L'après-midi (Yann Tiersen)
  • What's Up? (Sense8 lead me to it. Has anybody seen it? I love it) (4 Non Blondes)
  • Lovebug (Jonas Brothers)
  • Love (American Authors)

the other one