Sydney Holiday Adventure

For the past week my friend has been visiting.

I've shown her around my city, which has been a lot of fun. She's quite quiet so it was hard to feel like she was having fun. I don't have many pictures because I look too fat right now. So instead I'll explain the details!

The first day we did nothing because she was sick and we only had a half day. We decided to just chill until dinner where I took her to a Thai restaurant for a group gathering I was invited to. She's a picky eater and unfortunately didn't eat anything. We got home and crashed.

The next day she was again, not feeling well. So we slept in, and then played Card Against Humanity until 1, where we went to San Churros for some fancy chocolate treats. Luckily, she ate here! :)

Tuesday started with another sleep in. Well, really it was a stay in until about 3pm when I decided to go to Book Club. I had an anxiety attack before, I'm not really sure why. I think I was scared of how many people will see me at the weight I've gained and judge. Also I was scared of my friend seeing how "lame" book club really is. We're a bunch of loser teens who meet up once a month to talk to others about books and try to socialise when really none of us can. I'm obsessed with board games, so when they said it was games night all the anxiety flew over my head. I was apart of there nerdy, book loving, board gaming clique, and I fit perfectly into it too. My friend said it was "nice".

Wednesday was the day we went to Luna Park! Early start, late finish. We caught the ferry over to the train which we made our way to the Park. It was a beautiful, warm day with a little sun shower while we were on the ferris wheel. This worked in our favour because under the Sydney Harbour Bridge we could see a massive rainbow. I made my friend sit in the front of all the rides because I didn't want myself in the pictures. One of the best moments was when my friends' hair blew in my face while the picture was shot, and I was practically cut out!! We made it on all the rides (aside from the Hair Dropper and the dogem cars), and made our way home in time for the ferry. Except it never came. I had checked the times for when it gets back to my home rather than when it gets to the station! We had an hour to spend, so we walked around until we came across a cute inn called Boulevard Burgers. And my god. The chips were delicious.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge feat. the light rainbow

Luna Park from the top of the ferris wheel

Thursday was a recovery day for us so we stayed in bed until 2 where I wanted more of those chips. We caught the ferry over, ate the chips and headed back. But the ferry wasn't stopping at mine this time, so we had to walk for 30 minutes. I was fine for this because I needed the exercise. We made it home and played the daily game board night with my brother.

The walk home

Friday was a glamorous day. We went into the city, to QVB and went on a shopping spree. Of course, I didn't really want to shop like I usually don't do to being too big for the shops clothing. It's humiliating and I hate it. My friend, on the other hand, is an extra small size. I'm saying she has matching clothes with her 5 and 6 year old sisters. So we went clothes shopping for her, while I looked at shoes, cosmetics and the occasional underwear (I found plus sizes 50% off! That was pretty sweet). I spent a total of $250 that day. I may make another post dedicated to what I bought.

Ferry Stop

The final day was short due to her needing to be at the train station by 9:30. We woke up at 7:30 ish, got ready and went to Macca's for her favourite breakfast. She hopped on her train and it was the end of my week.

This visit didn't feel like the other times. I didn't take photos, I didn't buy her any thing, and we actually got threw the movie list. The whole week I never felt like I was truly there. I was constantly thinking about the past, and when I was thinking of the present, I didn't have fun. It wasn't a bad trip, I enjoyed it more than when I visited her. But there was never true excitement or happiness. Never any silliness or giggles. I was focusing on doing my job of showing her around.

I don't know how to end, so I will say it is a relief I get 1 more week of holidays where I can do nothing but read, blog, and edit.

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