I just got back from the orthodontist.

On the 8th of September, I will be the last person in high school to get bracers. I'm 60% anxious that I'll be a senior with a brace face, and 40% anxious that I will not get to eat my chewy lollies or lick the front of my teeth for 2 whole years.

In 2 years, I'll be in university. I'll be an adult who's supposed to be exploring the world and looking hot and all that jazz.

I'm all for being who I am. That is, a complete and utter geek, nerd, dork and any other form of a socially inept, generally high intellectual who will one day be the boss of all the people that were feared in high school.

I'm already as geeky as it gets; glasses, lack of close friends, social agenda revolves around being great at school and not leaving the house, and in my spare time I like to study and read, as well as the occasional board game and education on fictional universes. But adding bracers? To a high school senior?

How do I deal with it all?

the other one