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We Were Liars Review

We Were Liars by E Lockhart

A perfect combination of the scandal in Gossip Girl and the heartbreak of John Green. This novel is truly a page turner! Although it is leaving you bland chapters in the middle, by the second half you can't put it down. 

Like any coming of age YA novel, I expected not to be impacted much. But alas, this will scar me forever, and I'm glad. I'm not too sure what the moral was, but I will always remember the suspenseful tragedy and how it's changed my perspective forever.

5/5 stars (a new favourite book of mine!! :])

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Passion (Fallen #3) Review

Passion by Lauren Kate

It wasn't necessary to make a whole book out of, it was quite boring too. I'm going to continue on, but really, if you're not overly obsessed with this series and just want to finish it- don't bother with this one! It does have some (trying not to spoil) cute scenes but overall it was repetitive and left no questions answered.

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A Discovery of Witches Review

I've realised this isn't a YA vampire literature, but adult vampire literature. It's incredibly dull, and is basically a fantasy of the author, including being 15 years younger with her dream man. 

Basically a memory of her glory days in Oxford, aside from being a which. But she sure did study alchemy. I can't read any more. It's really dull and not suited for 15 year olds who want their does of YA.

1/5 stars

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Dash & Lily's Book of Dares Review


The quirkiness of it all has you constantly giggling.

Amount of times I dropped the book because of a scene? 6. Which is a lot since I am immune to most corny YA reads. But this was different!

It had such a unique diversity to it, it's officially one of my favourite books. The characters are written strongly, with good use of minor characters. They weren't too "in your face that we take the attention away from the main plot" and the two perspectives were integrated beautifully. It never was repetitive and had an excellent pace to the progression. To top it all off; the ending was the most settling, satisfying thing in the whole book.

Questions I must ask (some spoilers):
1. Was Thibaud mentioned before the party? In Dash's POV? Or did I miss that? (I know this is techically 3 questions but you're just gonna have to deal with it)
2. Is it possible that Priya fancied Dash?
3. How old was Dash?

I truly recomme…

Feed Review

I heard of this book while binge watching the vlog brothers. Hank talked it up so much, I knew I had to read it.

Unfortunately I hadn't seen it in any of the book stores, and then suddenly there were 5 copies in my local library!

The book is set in a scifi dystopia, with a bunch of teenagers. As usual. Oh! With a corrupt system where everybody has a "feed" imbedded into their heads. Human's were computerised. Titus, a conspicuous teen boy, meets a girl, Violet, and along with his friends they go hang out at a night club. The night takes a turn for the worst when a hacker fries all of their feeds. Glitching and making them 'mal' (malfunction). They all soon recover, aside from Violet. But it can't be that bad, can it? It's just a computer. Except it's not. It's the new central nervous system, the brain takes second in command. What's Titus to do when his new girlfriend is dying? 
As tragic as Hazel in TFIOS, Violet's malfunction is the …

Sydney Holiday Adventure

For the past week my friend has been visiting.

I've shown her around my city, which has been a lot of fun. She's quite quiet so it was hard to feel like she was having fun. I don't have many pictures because I look too fat right now. So instead I'll explain the details!

The first day we did nothing because she was sick and we only had a half day. We decided to just chill until dinner where I took her to a Thai restaurant for a group gathering I was invited to. She's a picky eater and unfortunately didn't eat anything. We got home and crashed.

The next day she was again, not feeling well. So we slept in, and then played Card Against Humanity until 1, where we went to San Churros for some fancy chocolate treats. Luckily, she ate here! :)

Tuesday started with another sleep in. Well, really it was a stay in until about 3pm when I decided to go to Book Club. I had an anxiety attack before, I'm not really sure why. I think I was scared of how many people will see…


I weighed myself today. After a week of running and dieting, I have lost no weight. None. Nothing at all. I handled this by cutting myself- but it was quite distressing since I'm having a friend staying over for a week and I know I couldn't hide it the entire time.
So I just wasted a week of my life when I could've been eating my favourite foods and staying in bed. Which is what I'll be doing after today. I guess I'm just meant to be this size. Great. 
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Gone Book Review and Update

Hello, my friends!

Goals for the Holiday:
a book a daygo for a run once a dayeating healthyeventually doing my assignments, probably the last week of it I haven't read a book a day, but I have finished 2. I have 4 more books to read, and I will be reading them before my friend comes to visit for a week. I also want to have read them all so I can return them when it's the monthly YA book club. I'm going to bring my friend along to that.

This week's read was Gone byMichael Grant. It was a really enjoyable novel, it had a captivating plot line for the entire book, with 2 main perspectives: The Good (kid's from the FAYZ, who help people) and the Evil (from Coate's Academy, the children who are sent there have usually been out of place). Sam, the main protagonist for the Good, was in history when his teacher just "poofed" from the class. Skeptically, he and his classmates searched the class. Half the kids, who turned 15, were missing from the room too. Afte…