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Five Summers Review

Five Summers by Una LaMarche

Although this book flashes from one perspective to another, and gives "heart stopping" plot twists (that serves no purpose since the reader has no context or connection to these secrets), the book DOES truly linger. It gave me an OVERWHELMING sense of nostalgia for these four girls... That ARE fictitious!!  
Emma, by far, was my favourite to read from. Then Jo. Then Maddie. Then Skylar [man, she was a big ol' b*tch- I tell ya]. 
I didn't really see the point of Maddie's character. Her secret could've been developed a lot better and had more focus. Jo's conflicting ideas on her identity and then leading to sexuality was fascinating and ground breaking simultaneously. It's uncommon these days that four young feminists (which is discussed briefly in the first half of the book) to discuss such unique, individual struggles they went through. 
Albeit, some of there mantras were annoying and I wanted to stop reading the book, but thi…


I just got back from the orthodontist.

On the 8th of September, I will be the last person in high school to get bracers. I'm 60% anxious that I'll be a senior with a brace face, and 40% anxious that I will not get to eat my chewy lollies or lick the front of my teeth for 2 whole years.

In 2 years, I'll be in university. I'll be an adult who's supposed to be exploring the world and looking hot and all that jazz.

I'm all for being who I am. That is, a complete and utter geek, nerd, dork and any other form of a socially inept, generally high intellectual who will one day be the boss of all the people that were feared in high school.

I'm already as geeky as it gets; glasses, lack of close friends, social agenda revolves around being great at school and not leaving the house, and in my spare time I like to study and read, as well as the occasional board game and education on fictional universes. But adding bracers? To a high school senior?

How do I deal with it a…

The Infinitive Sea Review

The Infinitive Sea by Rick Yancey

I made it 3/4 of the way through and refused to go on anymore!! It was too painful to read...

It was well written, but I had no idea what was going on. There wasn't really a recap on anything including the 12 million characters he expects us to track. Maybe it was just not my style, which is a shame because I enjoyed the 5th Wave. I may need to reread them at a much slower pace since I need to have professional skills in comprehension and translating to understand a fraction on what's going on! If anybody has read it, please discuss it with me.

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