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I'm struggling right now.

School is tough enough, but at home it's miserable too. I'm not allowed to be myself there either, and I can't destress from school. So this reoccuring cycle begins where I'm constantly stressed out. I feel trapped. I wholeheartedly hate my family. They're selfish and apathetic with screwed up ways of showing affection (if any).

The only place I can destress is in my tiny, cell block bedroom.

It's really hard to distract yourself when you don't want to be surrounded my over-cheery skits. All I see on TV, movies and my damn YA books is super-happy and silly moments. But I don't want this around when I feel like shit all the time. I don't want to see their stress-free, mentally stable lives with loving families and interesting friends.

It's so hard.

Sometimes I don't know what to do. I can't change my family. I'm not getting the grades I need to escape this shitty life. I'll end up working retail and never leaving this family.

I don't want to put up the effort anymore. It's not worth it.

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