How Sweet It Is To Be Loved by You

Heaps has happened this week.

For the most of it; I was happy (???).

I felt super productive and on task, like I finished my Modern early, and studied some maths. The maths exam coming up will kill me, but as my councillor always says; it's not my subject. Just accept I'm bad at it. So as long as nobody else judges me for whatever mark I get- I'll be happy.

:3 Most of my happiness is from a special someone- which I hate myself for. I hate that my mostly-only happiness is from this person. Because once I don't see them 'enough' or they offend me; all hell will break loose. And just my luck, it'll probably happen during this next final week of school, where I have a maths and english exam that I need to study for.

Speaking of which, it's 4pm on a Saturday and I need to write my english essay, due at 12am Sunday. I only woke up at 10 and out of bed at 10:30... I fell asleep from 12-3... I need to stay focused. What happens is I lay in bed, thinking about that special someone and then I kinda am all cosy and warm and fall asleep.

In other news; I got new winter wear. Proper, full fitting my size 16 for age 16 body!

  • 2 new sweatshirts; grey and black
  • 1 new trackies; black
  • 2 new jeans- that don't cut off my circulation 
  • 3 new long sleeve shirts; 2 white, 1 black
  • 1 black turtleneck 
  • 2 new bras!!! One sexy white laze, the other is a convertible (funny story about that...)  
I'm so comfy :D 

If I write my essay, practice writing it out, do 2 prac math papers, revise my notes, and finish Their Fractured Light-- I'll be so happy! 

I think my period is finally over (after 8 days) so that's a bonus :P (TMI, I'm sorry)

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