Second Dinner

Once again, my mum makes me want to never eat again.

I tell ya, this first world country is a struggle.


I do hate bitching about these struggles when there's way worse things happening in the world. But nevertheless, I'm gonna rant.

I eat dinner at 4pm. I do this as I find myself not hungry after and it keeps me from snacking and having the extra 2kg or so.

I'm aware this isn't normal, but it suits me- so that's all that matters to me. My mother accepts this, however I am a normal teen who socialises. With people who eat at normal dinner times. Usually in situations like this, I eat something small to fit in. Like ice cream.

When I get home and my mother asks me about the night, I always brace myself for her

"Did you eat anything?"

Such a simple question.

I, however, know this is trickery.

When I say yes, shamefully, she looks me down in such a judging manner and says, "Oh. So second dinner." This can be followed by an "oink-oink" if she's feeling up to it.

So when I came back from Vivid last night, telling her I did eat something, with her responding in her usual way, I just got up and said "I don't want to talk to you anymore."

She was extremely offended.

She can't stand the guilt.

She? A bad mother? Oh, no, not possible. HER mother was the worst. She on the otherhand is the best mother in the world! She was just helping. 


So she calls out, "You understand why I say it, don't you?" But I refuse to listen or respond.

When she calls out for dinner, I stay in my room. We can't have this selfish piggy out to eat. I've had enough dinner yesterday for today's.

She calls out, "Just plug in your earphones. I won't talk to you!"

Finally she said, "Fine. I'll put it in the fridge."

I reluctantly leave my room.

She begins, "You're so sensitive." I stop eating and remind her what she promised. She goes back to muttering under her breath while I resume my dinner.

Such a supportive mother.

I hate my family.

the other one