Trump and Hitler

A short reply I sent somebody when they denied Trump is anything like Hitler, and how people should "open a textbook" with the real information.

Thankfully I have opened a textbook and I see the similarities between Trump and Hitler. Have YOU opened a textbook about Hitler? Trump wants to eliminate an entire religious culture as he deems them "bad" and basically making America impure. He advocates to make "America great again" (with his own radical regime)- this strong nationalistic motive in his campaign is identical to Hitlers! Everybody knew Hitler's speeches were obnoxious and loud, and was initially viewed as rude. Don't believe me? Look at any who even worked or were associated for Hitler, or his original speeches at the Beer Putsch (which failed). Later, many were entranced by his confident commands but if you were the one suggesting something to this dictator, you'd probably feel frustrated. Trump is the same. Have you ever witnessed one of Trump's rallies? The entire atmosphere screamed to me of Hitler's annual Nuremberg Rally! I hope you open up a different textbook, because from the sounds of it, it's you that hasn't identified the similarities from the foundations of both these dictators within your text.

If this isn't enough; delve deeper into Hitler's Foreign Policy.

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