Little Things That Happened Today

In my law class, we looked at the technicalities of bankruptcy. For the entire lesson. Which was painful enough, but then students asked how can it possibly happen? And were judging the people who declared bankruptcy. I was just trying not to cry.

Quick update if you didn't already know;
My father lost his job when I was 8. We lived off the government's benefits after that. By age 10 my parents decided to separate. At age 12 I was homeless as my father lost our house and car. By 13, I had moved states, and thanks to my late grandfather; my mother, brother and I were able to restart our lives. 

I had just finished eating dinner when my mother told me, now a few days before my 17th birthday, that she's officially filed the divorce and told my father. I haven't talked to him in months, and I was meaning to straight after dinner. I'm furious and hurt that she couldn't wait to do this until after my birthday.

I'll be avoiding my father's calls now.

I loathe to talk about this.

I honestly can't believe my mother chose to do such a painful thing a few days before my birthday. All she thinks about is her wellbeing, she said she "had to do it! What if your grandmother dies? I need the money. Don't you want me to have the money?".

I gag.

Until next time,

the other one