I Should Explain

I'm sorry, first and foremost.

What you've missed since I've been gone:

  • My birthday
  • Divorce
  • Telling a special somebody my feelings
  • End of my high school life
  • Graduation
  • Losing my voice
  • Formal drama
  • Grad-Party
  • Return of the Everlooming Depression
  • Trying to combat the Everlooming Depression

So, as you can see; a lot has happened. 

What started my slump of blogging was:

  1. I got a diary for my birthday, which is where all my "posts" have gone.
  2. I stopped reading during this time.

From professional help, all have suggested I need to get out of my depression before focusing on the biggest exams I have ever taken in 16 days.

I'm at the point that I may ignore my exams because I can't get out of bed, shower, or eat. 

It's Monday morning, and so far I washed my hair, and have made a plan to eat. I haven't yet. Nor have I started preparing for study. 

Somebody give me the strength. 

the other one