Sleepover Pt. 2

The horror. 

If you read Wednesday's post, I sounded like a damn Disney princess in La-La Land. I was genuinely content.

However I discovered a little less than an hour that I was locked out. For the millionth time this year. 

I had a a study group to attend and I was in desperate need for my introvert-recharge.

I think all girls know what the morning is like after a sleepover. Although you had fun, once dawn hits; your skin feels gross and you smell from all the sweat you 'perspired' while laughing.

So for the rest for the rest of the day, I studied at my friends. Which was hard enough with a sleepover hangover. But adding to it that I had no resources??

I was disappointed with my family, once again.

Thankfully I was picked up mid-afternoon, but my presence had already transcended the 'overstaying' vibe.

Next on my Daily Updates, is to do with my special somebody + the formal. Be sure to listen out,

the other one