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Under Pressure- Queen & David Bowie (isolated vocals)

Under Pressure - Queen & David Bowie (isolated vocals)— Isolated vocals (@lsolatedVocaIs) June 25, 2016

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved by You

Heaps has happened this week.

For the most of it; I was happy (???).

I felt super productive and on task, like I finished my Modern early, and studied some maths. The maths exam coming up will kill me, but as my councillor always says; it's not my subject. Just accept I'm bad at it. So as long as nobody else judges me for whatever mark I get- I'll be happy.

:3 Most of my happiness is from a special someone- which I hate myself for. I hate that my mostly-only happiness is from this person. Because once I don't see them 'enough' or they offend me; all hell will break loose. And just my luck, it'll probably happen during this next final week of school, where I have a maths and english exam that I need to study for.

Speaking of which, it's 4pm on a Saturday and I need to write my english essay, due at 12am Sunday. I only woke up at 10 and out of bed at 10:30... I fell asleep from 12-3... I need to stay focused. What happens is I lay in bed, thinking about t…

Second Dinner

Once again, my mum makes me want to never eat again.

I tell ya, this first world country is a struggle.


I do hate bitching about these struggles when there's way worse things happening in the world. But nevertheless, I'm gonna rant.

I eat dinner at 4pm. I do this as I find myself not hungry after and it keeps me from snacking and having the extra 2kg or so.

I'm aware this isn't normal, but it suits me- so that's all that matters to me. My mother accepts this, however I am a normal teen who socialises. With people who eat at normal dinner times. Usually in situations like this, I eat something small to fit in. Like ice cream.

When I get home and my mother asks me about the night, I always brace myself for her

"Did you eat anything?"

Such a simple question.

I, however, know this is trickery.

When I say yes, shamefully, she looks me down in such a judging manner and says, "Oh. So second dinner." This can be followed by an "oink-oink" …

Trump and Hitler

A short reply I sent somebody when they denied Trump is anything like Hitler, and how people should "open a textbook" with the real information.

Thankfully I have opened a textbook and I see the similarities between Trump and Hitler. Have YOU opened a textbook about Hitler? Trump wants to eliminate an entire religious culture as he deems them "bad" and basically making America impure. He advocates to make "America great again" (with his own radical regime)- this strong nationalistic motive in his campaign is identical to Hitlers! Everybody knew Hitler's speeches were obnoxious and loud, and was initially viewed as rude. Don't believe me? Look at any who even worked or were associated for Hitler, or his original speeches at the Beer Putsch (which failed). Later, many were entranced by his confident commands but if you were the one suggesting something to this dictator, you'd probably feel frustrated. Trump is the same. Have you ever witnessed on…


I wrote this whole post with formatted links and gifs and it deleted EVERYTHING without a draft.

I'm so pissed off.


Long story short- my friends are assholes and I am a couple magnet-- meaning, above my head is a neon sign glowing, "MAKE ME A THIRD WHEEL, PLEASE".

the other one

☁️ ☁️ ☁️

I'm struggling right now.

School is tough enough, but at home it's miserable too. I'm not allowed to be myself there either, and I can't destress from school. So this reoccuring cycle begins where I'm constantly stressed out. I feel trapped. I wholeheartedly hate my family. They're selfish and apathetic with screwed up ways of showing affection (if any).

The only place I can destress is in my tiny, cell block bedroom.

It's really hard to distract yourself when you don't want to be surrounded my over-cheery skits. All I see on TV, movies and my damn YA books is super-happy and silly moments. But I don't want this around when I feel like shit all the time. I don't want to see their stress-free, mentally stable lives with loving families and interesting friends.

It's so hard.

Sometimes I don't know what to do. I can't change my family. I'm not getting the grades I need to escape this shitty life. I'll end up working retail and n…

I Fucked Up

Big time.

For what I want to do in uni, I must get an average score to be accepted in- no brainer there. In my last English, the only thing I need to qualify with a certain score in, I received lower than the minimum.

Long story short, I give up. I've done a lil cutting and a lil crying and now I just don't want to bother anymore.

the other one

Crown of Midnight Review

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

3/5 stars

This book was a huge let down after the first amazing instalment.

This book only remotely got interesting when Nehemia died. 

I felt like Dorian's use in this book could've only been for the end. Otherwise, he was utterly boring and has little to no passion. He was basically a different guy than in the first book!

Let's talk about the problematic relationship of Chaol (which, by the way, was spelt with a K in my previous edition??) and Cel. It was going pretty boring and predictable (even the part when he betrays her) until Cel goes ape-shit on him, and Dorian stops her from killing Chaol. I did appreciate that even after they established their love, that Celaena didn't go all mushy - heroiney. The very last scene with them was laughable- I'm sorry, but how many tragic love stories will there be with the couple separating and then one of them call out that the love the other??? 

Fleetwood was mentioned far too many times for a…


An entire day dedicated to all my history topics?

Yes, please!

However, I had to wake up at 4:20PM, catch a 2hr bus, sit in 4 lectures, which weren't useful, and then take 3 hrs to get home?


The cherry on top was that one of the lecturers was an absolute asshole.

I don't think large universities that take 2hrs to commute to every morning are my forte. I thought they were, but if uni is anything like today... I'm going to hate it. Maybe one of the country-hick uni's is the one for me.

I'd type more but I fear anybody associated will discover this post.

I got home, ate some pizza, and tucked myself into bed with Crown of Midnight. In the 34 pages I've read; I enjoyed each page. I can't wait to read further, however I'm about to collapse from exhaustion.

the other one

A Rainy Weekend

Hoorah! Hoorah!

It's raining this weekend. Like, bigtime. In the midst of last night, I woke up from my bed radically banging on the wall. The wind was shaking my entire house!

It's all fun and games until the power turns off.

Thankfully, that little mishap only lasted a few minutes. (I needz ma internet and electric blanket)

Luckily, this beautiful weather (completely genuine, I must add. I'm not being sarcastic) has coincided with the rare weekend when I have little to no obligations!

Hoorah! Hoorah!

The rain always energises me and it's when I feel most comfortable. I think most people feel down and drab about it, which is still a wonder to me. You know what makes me feel down and drab? The boiling hot sun draining all energy I had with an excess layer of sweat covering me. That's not fun. So you may call me the crazy one, but damnit! This is beautiful weather!

Being able to snuggle up in my bed is always needed on weekends like these. It happened to be on Frida…

Lament Review

Lament by 

Maybe 3.5 stars? I haven't decided.

To be fair, I wasn't expecting this book to be phenomenal or anything of the sorts. After all, I did find it in a Goodread's "Worst Paranormal YA Romance" list. Which I need to address-- this wasn't paranormal? It was fantasy???

If you liked Mark Blackthorn from Lady Midnight, I'd highly suggest you meet Luke from Lament. They pretty much have the same levels of angst and hotness.

This story's blurb did mislead me, though. I thought it would be about this girl who was a bit of an Alice, and fell into a faerie sort of world-- and somehow meeting her love interest, Luke, caused implications of her leaving. However, this was not the case. It was more about this girl from Wyoming (I think? I need to disclaim that this book made me go into slump and I didn't want to read anything, thus I took a 3 week break and can't remember the first half of the book) who is very musical, and lives a pre…