Daily Log


sorry this isn't a book post.

I just wanted to document that a lot has happened since I last updated you guys... I'm now attending university, seeing a new psych, and most importantly: I'm on medication for my mental illness.

So far it's working really well, and I've only forgotten once to take it. I'm currently taking Lovan (20mg) daily. I'm was a bit weary initially, but it's working well. I've only been taking it since 20/4.

I've basically lost connection with all of my previous friends. I wanted to sever ties. I guess the drugs can't help me want to be super social, but they certainly help me get out of bed and face university with confidence. I get way less nausea and chest pains, which is such a relief.

Recently I've been considering making book-videos. However, Youtube is such an oversaturated network, I would feel embarrassed at even trying. But without friends, books are really and truly my life. All I do is read (which I'm sure you guys know, since I post reviews so frequently). I feel like using videos would be a fun medium; not for all videos, maybe ones I just want to rant about, or insanely popular books. 

Photo from giphy.

Everything I do on social media is heavily considered, especially where my face and name are related. As I'm going to be a teacher, it's crucial I consider the repercussions of shoving my identity and opinions out there, as future employers and students may come across them.

What do you guys suggest? 

I hope you're all enjoying my reviews, I'd love to hear what you're reading ATM.

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