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The Challenge of Adolescence

It's hard to tell when it's mental illness or just plain OL' stereotypical adolescence getting in the way of my interrelationships. I've tried to reesemble my life. I deleted my facebook app(not the account just yet, I have photos on it), snapchat and have kept only my tumblr and instagram (things I use as down time and make me happy). So far, so good. My life has that extra little stress relief. I'm not sure why I felt stress from facebook and snapchat. I usually regret the things I post and say, due to sounding self indulgent. 
As an attempt to have less regrettable memories, I've been attempting to restrict myself to 200 max. words at school. I've figured that if there's anywhere im going to talk, it's going to be to my family. I haven't been that warm with my family for the past few years, and vice versa. But under instruction of the chief, aka doctors and concellors with wisdom and my respect, I have tried to bond. My main concern is, I will…

Discrimination Still Exists

In Australia, I rarely ever see genuine racism for nonwhite races. 
But today, I was revealed to the ugly truth.
While on the bus, my driver swerved straight passed a mother with 2 children and a baby in a pram. This was unmistakable to see. If it was, her frantic waving from the bus stop was. 
My bus driver made eye contact with her, and continued to drive. 
I forgot to mention the fact that she and her children were aboriginal. 
My bus driver just muttered derogatory terms and drove on by.
Being shocked by the confrontation was naive. But now I've learned there is still filth in people that needs to be reformed.
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Where Have I Been?

To save you the trouble of reading for paragraphs, in three words; bed. school. repeat.

It's been 2 weeks since I updated, oops. Sorry. I've noted heaps of posts I wanna make, though! So yay for that.

For the first week I was away, I was in a cycle of laugh, cry, eat, sleep. Nothing interesting was happening at school, I felt like I wasn't really learning much. Which is disappointing since I'd like to be learning stuff and progressing to some sort of formality we call "success". My last published post was of my camera breaking, and let me say, for the pst 14 days, 11 of them were with my camera broken.

So after the week on mind numbingness, I had the desire of an experiment, which I like to try sporadically. So from about Friday onwards, I didn't wear make up. I deleted all my social media of which I know people from (aside from tumblr, but who would give that up). I read more, thought more, and listened more. And cried a bit too but it happens.

I began t…

Post Fail

This morning I was going to show you my skin care routine, so I got out my supplies and camera.

I set up the products to look all cute and bloggery, when the disaster begun.
My camera didn't have my SD card. What's wrong with that? Well, I haven't touched my camera since Photography class last Wednesday, and we didn't utilise them due to a Photoshop lesson.
I went along with my backup card, begining to take off the lense cap.
But, oh,
It's jammed onto the lense! It's completely stuck. I took a look at the settings on the camera; none of them were my usual settings.

My camera is quite common, Canon 600D.
I'm devastated that either somebody has broken my camera, or replaced it with theirs.
Either way, that camera cost me $700 and I want my good ol' camera back!
Until next,
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Daily Log

Good evening, readers!

Today I had to wake up at 7am on a Sunday, for work. I don't usually work, but my mother pulled me into hers for some easy money. Easy indeed. I worked for 5 hours at Pandora, simply making the bags they use to gift purchases in. I got to observe a whole range of middle aged housewives spending money on a franchise that lacks everything including originality. I hear one server explain to the buyer how "personal the experience is" to buy their jewellery. I rolled my eyes and focused on what I will do with my money once I'm done ( books, books and more books). There is anything but a personal experience when it comes to buying factorised cheap Thailand metal, sold at it's peak for a trend because the jewellery has become affordable for the working class.

As I was walking buy an optometrist, I overheard 2 of the specialists. "Why can't they just see? It's so obvious. JUST SAY THE DAMN LETTER." Initially, I was shaken by heari…

Daily Log


I woke up 20 minutes for school today- oops. I hurried along, tried a new Pinterest hairdo (which I received plenty of compliments for, thankfully). Currently, I'm subjected to learning quite a bit of religion at the moment. It's starting to set an effect on me, which is being treated remorsefully.

I ate 2 brownies today, and I'm fully aware I will regret this in the long run. Unless I do run, but I doubt I'll be leaving my room for the next 24 hours anyways.

I'm enjoying studying Shakespeare, it's very pleasant to find meaning easily through the texts. Although, ancient plays wouldn't be my go to for studying relevant aspects of humanity in modern society.

After 4 hours of maintenance, my blog is a bit more modernised. I've spoken with a fellow friend who is thinking of co authouring this blog with me. I'd feel relieve to have more diverse features and articles, but it also means I reveal my mental illness documents. The previous and the futur…

Favourite Genre?

To appeal to my audience's taste, I have constructed a poll on my blog to observe what is the favoured genre. I'll try to make reviews according to these results, in order to maintain an interested audience.

Please give it a look, it only takes 3 clicks

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Currently Reading

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Blog Makeover!

Scrolling through Pinterest, I found some excellent tips on a good blog. Albeit, probably advice from a middle aged house wife who enjoys spending her time writing "fashion tips" after dropping off the kids to school. But alas! I loved the article, and I've been inspired to jazz up this blog. For the sake of my now, get this, 4 followers. Thank you to all that subscribe!

On my blog, I hope to achieve reaching out to an audience. About my passions; writing, books, graphic design, hair/beauty tips, feminism, self care... the list goes on! Of course, their will be days I will blog about mental illness. I'm sorry my blog is such a diversity.

I'll probably have designated days when I post a weekly thing. Review Sunday, Madhair Mondays, Tip Tuesday, Web Wednesday, Feminist Friday... okay maybe I can't be a daily blogger... But I have the intentions! I'd like to blog about books and writing and beauty so I shall!

Things you should know about me;

I have long hair,…