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Review: The Dream Thieves

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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This is going on my favourites shelf, that's for sure!

To get you up to speed with my thoughts and emotions, before I continue:

April 23, 2017 – page 411
93.62% ""'Don't say Dick Gansey, man. Do not say it. He is never going to be with you. And don't tell me you don't swing that way, man. I'm in your head.'
'That's not what Gansey is to me,' Ronan said.
'You didn't say you don't swing that way.'
Ronan was silent. Thunder growled under his feet. 'No, I didn't.'"

April 23, 2017 – page 367
83.6% ""We can pretend. Just once. and then we'll never say anything about it again."
Are there any ships names I should be educated about? Coul…

Review: Six of Crows

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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This review is essentially spoiler free aside from talking about characters' personalities(?? also, anything accidental bc idk what would be a spoiler for those who have read Grisha sorry).

4.5/5 stars.

It would've been 5 if I knew more references; alas, I am a noob who immensely regrets not reading the Grisha trilogy before this.

Overall thoughts:
It was hard for me to get into, because we really do just jump into the world, so if you're wondering if you can read this without reading Grisha; bloody well just don't. Okay? DON'T. I regret it.Have I emphasised that enough? Cool.

It was a cool story. Not usually something I'd love, but the characters are what hooked me.

Do I think this story is overrated?
Yep. Totally. It's just like any other high fantasy in YA. I saw nothing outstanding from the rest.

This doesn't stop it from getting s…

Review: Gemina

Gemina by Amie Kaufman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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I'm flabbergasted. I cannot comprehend. This book was BRILLIANT.

I don't think I'm capable of writing a full-blown review... I'm just sitting here in shock.

Just a few little things to note:
THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN ILLUMINAE. And I thought Illuminae was goooood. But this?

A thousand times better. No denying that.

It's like the two authors(/geniuses) read the minor complaints about the format and plotting of their state-of-the-art from the first book; and did some little tweaks in this one, and BAM. You take a 5/5 book, and make it 10000/5 stars.

This book was just... so perfect. I see no faults in it, at all.

THIS WAS SUCH A PLEASANT READ <3 I need to buy myself my own copy! ASAP.

Other quick notes; I read this a lot quicker than Illuminae. In my review for that instal…

Review: The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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4.5/5 stars.

I LOOOOVED THIS BOOK, the second time round.

Guys. It was brilliant. I'm cringing at my previous review; I was an idiot (who obviously couldn't pay attention to the story in 40ºC heat and reading it on my iPhone).

I'm confused on who the hell I'm supposed to ship Blue with.

Also, sue me; I can't help picturing Blue's hair... well... blue. Oop.

I felt like I was reading some weird fantasy fanfiction of Dead Poet's Society, as well as Looking for Alaska.

The character I cared for the least? Ronan.

But idk pls don't kill me, he may end up being my fave.

My only annoyance was how the book addressed all of Blue's family with just their first names. It was a bit confusing at the start to follow who Blue's mother was. I like that this book isn't written through first person, especially Bl…

Review: Illuminae

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.95/5 intergalactic stars.


So it took me exactly 2 months to read this book and I've actually forgotten so much so I'mma share w/ yall my updates and then have a mini discussion at the end.

Long story short?

I loved the book. It was great. It was super unique. It was a long read. You definitely can't read this in a night. You must have patience for everything going on in this book. You must also like that 'quirky' device authors use in recent YA books, where a lot of conversations (actually; all, in this book) are written over IMs. Usually; I loathe it. But for this book? (mostly) Great!

March 31, 2017 –
page 450
 75.13% "Okay woah this is getting so weird with AIDAN being "in love" with Kady . It's good to come back to this book-- I haven't picked it up for age…

Review: Vampire Kisses

Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5/5 stars.

This is such a short book, so I can't write much.

I really enjoyed it! However; it was super crigney.

I felt like I was reading the protag of a 12 y.o. girl (which she is not).

It's a perfect short story for a vampire read. It uses the worst cliches, and shoves them into the most popular cliche of the 21st century: hot, teenage boys. Fabulous.

But it does have a great ending, and it's written well.

I will totally read the sequels! These babies are so short, they could be one whole book.

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Review: Hunger

Hunger by Michael Grant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4/5 stars.

Yoooo this book was goooood.

There was a quote somewhere near the end that went, just because they have superpowers, doesn't make them a superhero.

I can't say much because I feel like if I do, it'd just be a spoiler. Everything is well-written and intertwined.

There's so many characters to care about but, without spoiling anything, my fave characters are:

1. Sam. He's great. Angsty. I feel for him. 'Nuff said.
2. Caine. Bc what a great baddie.
3. Dianne. She's just the best side-ho in anything, besides Shego from Kim Possible.

So much happened in this book, but at the same time I feel like nothing happened. These books are a bit long, and it's a wonderful world that's been built, but... cmoooon why do each have to be so long. I just wanna see the smackdown. In both books so far, there's been a lot of setting-built up. I want more plot focus! (And there is; but the ratio isn't …

Review: How to Be Popular

How to Be Popular by Meg Cabot
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5/5 freaking dang stars.

I'm not going to write a full-blown review for this.

Here's the run down:

- I read this when I was 11/12.
- I got it for my birthday and my friend who gave it to me said "my mum thought of you and thought it would be good for you" you GUYZZZZ I didn't EVER want to touch this book.

This impacted me greatly during the incoming high school years-- I feel like I was more level headed about the fascination of popularity.

Why you should read this book:
- need chick lit but for a younger audience than most chick lit books
- need a bit of sarcasm and quirkiness
- need a bit of awkwardness like Bridget Jones who had a bit of pervy habits
- needed a cliche, happy ending (which is still the bomb)

This book is my fave and I hold it dearly to my heart. I kind of hoped for this experience in high school but lol nope I'm now in uni and realise I completely didn't meet my 12 year old…

Review: Reached

Reached by Ally Condie
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5/5 stars.

So I'm not going to write full review because I read this entire thing this evening while babysitting my godmother's children. That was from 9pm-12am. It was kind of torture bc I'm tired af and I was miserable.

So this book was blurgh and idk if it's just bc I'm over the 3rd instalment of any dystopia trilogy but I found I was so beyond caring for Cassie and her baes in their love triangle. I enjoyed Xander on his own; but with both the boys pining over Cassia, it made me want to spoon my eyeballs out. Cassia was boring af and didn't seem worth it tbh. Is this how people feel about Bella in Twilight??? Dear god. I'm sorry for those people. (I actually really enjoy Twilight and that's also bc the sass levels in the Cullen clan are LIFE-- but in this book, without the sass or quirky family, it was pretty shite.)

I'm so happy this series is over! I'm sad I didn't LOOOVE it like I thou…

Review: Wintersong

Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Me, currently and forever more: (I'm sorry if you don't like gifs I swear there's only 1 more pls don't let it stop you from reading how much I love this book)



I have tears running down my face as I write this review... THIS BOOK HAS RUINED ME.

Let's take a trip down memory lane, aka my notes/updates while reading this book, to see how far I've come:
1: Goblin's aren't my thing but this book is super popular atm and it looked nice in the library so let's give it a goooo :)
2: "OKAY I ONLY READ THE PREFACE AND I LOVE THIS BOOK (but ew Goblins how are gonna turn into sexy mythical creatures that teens fawn over????)
3: I'm confused who was the little girl from the preface was?

Was it Leisl or Kathe (her sist…

Review: I'll Give You the Sun

I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

2.5/5 stars.

Yep. People are going to slaughter me for not enjoying this book.

I'm sorry. You can read the reasons in my updates…

Overall, I'll just list a few things for why I didn't like it:
- "art"--> pretentious
- author's voice didn't give me enough diversity for it to capture my interest. It felt like a really monotonous narration FOR ME. Pls don't kill me. Pls.
- I like books to calm me but the angst in this book made me extremely anxious and I'm sorry but if I'm getting little anxious episodes; I ain't ever gonna love the book.

These are all personal reasons so don't look at my review as a guide!!

I'm so glad to return this to the library. I'm super disappointed, I find the blurb very misleading… :(

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Review: That Summer

That Summer by Sarah Dessen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5/5 stars.

This was my first ever audiobook; and I finished listening to it within 1 day. I speed it up to 1.5x, because I find Americans are quite slow at talking.

A few thoughts on the format itself;

wonderful speaker, however I'm really confused why everybody but Haven had a bloody southern accent??? She had a more western, Valley accent, which left me in hysterics when I heard every southerner accent. Also, when the speaker read the NY accents, I shed a few tears of laughter, as earlier this year I spent 6 weeks in NYC, and know this accent was priceless.

It sounded super Aussie. And that's coming from an Aussie. I think the speaker had a nice drawl for it; but how she pronounced the 'r''s was very Aussie.

Okay, review of the plot:

Absolutely amazing. Extremely witty, with great heartfelt, adolsescent revelations. So relatable.

I was feeling disturbed 80% of the time, which incapsulates that stage we a…


Hi friends!

Exciting news..... I'VE MOVED TO WORDPRESS!

Please go follow/subscribe over there if you wish to read my content. Depending on the success, I may return back to beloved Blogspot. But I'm just a bit scared after being hacked the other day.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to hearing from all of you over on my new page :D

My Blog has been Hacked

Somebody has rifled through my settings, and changed a lot. For example, they changed my settings to say this blog is Adult Content.

OMG it is NOT.

Please be patient. I will soon clear everything up. I'm sorry if something in consequence to this mishap, has inconvenienced you.

Killer Headache

Hey guys,
I've been hoping to do a bunch of stuff today (transfer blog to Wordpress, read a book, and do some photography). Unfortunately at midnight last night, I woke up with my jaw locked. Which happens. But I never usually wake up from it. I've been in an immense amount of pain for all of the day-- I even caught the bus back to and from (on the way back, I caught the same bus as my brother, who was returning from school-- his face captured priceless embarrassment) the doctors. The doctor ended up giving me some strong pain killer. Woo. 

The Shadowhunter Chronicles Ranked Best to Worst

I just answered this in a poll from Goodreads, and I thought you guys may want to know which Cassie Clare books are my most favourite! Her books have been some of my absolute favourites, and with so many, it's hard to rank them. Needless to say, I enjoy all of them; aside from City of Bones. That book is boring (for me).

My order, from most fave to least:
Clockwork Princess
Lady Midnight
Clockwork Angel
Clockwork Prince
Lord of Shadows
City of Lost Souls
City of Glass
City of Heavenly Fire
City of Ashes
City of Fallen Angels
City of Bones

Which Shadowhunter book is your favourite?

Booktubeathon 2017 Starts Tomorrow!

For those who don't know (like I didn't); watch the video explanation from the beloved Ariel. 

I'm excited to see heaps of content from all my booktubers! Next year, hopefully I will join. I wasn't ready this year. But when I turn 18, I wish to start my own channel-- as well as keeping up with blogging :)

Are any of you participating in Booktubeathon 2017? 

The Sunday Post #5

The biggest piece of news I have this week is....




The book is Fragile Chaos by

I'm eager to read and review it.

Saturday Review of Books #2

This week I've reviewed: The Prophecy Sisters
Little Women
Night World (Volume 3)
I Was Here

Did you guys review anything this week? Or if you don't review; did you complete any books this week?

Review: I Was Here

I Was Here by Gayle Forman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4/5 stars.

I highly recommend this to anybody who enjoys:
[bookcover:Thirteen Reasons Why|29844228]
[bookcover:Paper Towns|6442769]

Initially picking this up, I felt pissed off. I just read the blurb and came to the realisation this isn't the sequel to [bookcover:If I Stay|4374400]. I got this as a gift from a friend last year, and she said it was the sequel. I shoved it into my pile of books that I was never going to read, because I couldn't stand the movie adaption and didn't bother with the book.

But this year, about ago, I read [bookcover:If I Stay|4374400]. It was in my library and I thought, why not? I don't own the first one, only the second one, so I may as well. It was fine bla bla bla I didn't find it profound or anything.

But within the first page of this book; I was hooked. It brought me back to, what I like to call, my Reading Renaissance, back in 2014. I got into the fad of contemporary novels, …

Exploring My Bookshelves #3

Happy Friday, bookworms.
So my bookshelf is too big in my tiny room to take a full frontal shot, so this is taken from my position on the floor, attempting so masterfully to capture it. 

Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts #1

Again; welcome to a new book post meme :D

Girl xoxo summarises it as: Write a post that features a quote with food or drinks that showed up in a recent read, as well as if it’s something you think you’d like or not. Then share it in the link-up at the hosts’ blog.

Simple enough!

This is my library book TBR pile with my faves-- caramel musks. 

Review: Night World Volume 3

Night World Volume 3 by L.J. Smith
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

1.5/5 stars.


wow this sucks

they all suck

I read this bc it's one of the last things on my shelf that I haven't read and I've read the other 2 packages.

This is the worst in the trilogy.

Book 1: 1 star.
Book 2: 2 stars.
Book 3: 2.5 stars.

If anybody wants my copy, I'll gleefully give it away.

Waste of time :/

Same plot; different names. Predictable, unnecessary.

Such a shame.


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Should I Move to Wordpress?

The title explains itself. I'm always interested in blog communities, and you guys know how much I love Goodread's community.

Most of the people I follow use Wordpress, while I use Blogger to host my blog. It's always inconvenient to sign in as a guest on so many people's posts. I love Google. Really, I do. But Blogspot doesn't even have an app anymore.

I could transfer all my material over, it's really a matter of whether you guys would follow me over?

Wonderous Words Wednesday #1

Welcome to a new book blog meme, everyone!

Girlxoxo summarised this meme to be: "A weekly meme where you can share new words that you’ve encountered or spotlight words you love."

If you've been up to date with what my CR is, you'd know I've been painstakingly slowly making my way through Empire of Storms. Well I've noticed the word is:

Archipelago 1920x1200px

Reader Workouts #3

My main goal for this week is FINISH EMPIRE OF STORMS.

Oh my gosh, it's taking me way too long to read. I don't know why, but I'm just not as keen this time to binge read it.

What are you reading goals this week?

Review: Little Women

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5/5 stars.


My only update was:
"Beth is my fave.

Fave moment (so far): Amy trying to be a lil bitch (as usual) and says samphire instead of vampire. Priceless.

Jo's deadpanning keeps me inthralled in this book.

It's just so sweet <3"

I have nothing else to add. I really enjoyed it.

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Heya guys,

So I've decided to join a fantastic idea called Make Me Read It Read-A-Thon, created I think???? by Tea and Titles.

I'll update soon which books I'm adding. I definitely suggest you guys to also join in.

I have to see how uni work goes etc. But the poll will be linked here, and it'll be over on my Goodreads page.

Would you guys consider joining in?

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? #5

This week, I've recently read:
Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles #1)by Twist Me (Twist Me #1)by and... The Siren by
All the meanwhile I've STILL been currently reading Empire of Storms. THIS BOOK IS TAKING ME WAY TOO LONG TO READ. I'm past half way though! 

Review: Prophecy of the Sisters

Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Time for a mini review because... eh. Not bothered. This book isn't worth doing a full review on, I'm sorry.

I really want to! Because I read this book for a Blind Reading challenge .

But I found it wasn't very interesting.

It has a few similarities to Beautiful Creatures in the fantastical family, sister showdown kind of vibe. But it's historical fiction.

Was that necessary for the plot?

Probably not.

I did like the Celtic mythology taking a place in all of the witchery.

Would I read on? No. Sorry.

Sorry, buddy reader Gav, for making you read this! It wasn't that great, but it met most of the criteria?

I guess that's the price then, :/.

This was my first assigned reading challenge, I'm not sure if I'd do it again. I like the challenge but when it's books like these, I don't want to do them (-- just for the criteria).

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Review: Dorothy Must Die

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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3.75/5 stars.

This book was written wonderfully! I loved how well written and developed the world of Oz was; especially the reharacterisation of Dorothy. Absolutely brilliant.

It just wasn't one of those plots I'm crazy about. But if you're into badass heroines, with a twist of a fantasy retelling-- you're going to LOOOVE this book!! :)

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