Review Policy

General info:

This blog does accept any form of book for a review. In posts, it will state at the beginning if this book was provided for a review. Any ARCs received will be kept (not sold off); they'll stay in a beautiful bookcase.

Nitty Gritty:

Formats accepted: printed or eBooks. If digital; preferred format is epub or mobi.

Favourable genres: Must be YA, sub-genres; romance, paranormal (I may accept non-YA for this), fantasy.  

If an ARC is received, a review will be written by 3-4 weeks after the delivery. 

Reviews will generally try to keep an uplifting review. However, the post may include a few gifs of frustration if something was not liked. 

If the genres are from the favourites, a review will definitely come. If it’s a slight difference, eg. sci fi sub-genre, it could possibly be ignored.

Immediately once I’ve completed reading the book, a review will be written. It may take up to a week to be published on the blog, due to a queued schedule. 

For a few months now, 100% of my reviews are also seen on Goodreads.

Visit the Contact page to request a review.

Policy format inspired by Book Bloggers Int.