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Cover Characteristic #1

The final book meme for this week is inspired by Sugar and Snark.

post a characteristic and choose 5 of our favorite cover’s with that characteristic  This week has been really fun to make! If I had the time, I'd love to make posts like this everyday. Maybe when I'm less busy I will. I haven't decided if I'll adapt any of these memes as regular features, but let me know in the comments if you had a favourite! Check out my poll (in the siderbar, to the right side of this post) and vote for your favourites!

The theme I'm picking is: Ball Gowns (or pretty outfits you'd like to wear!)

At number 5: Matched

The green dress seems absolutely gorgeous to wear at your match-making ball. Nothing much else to say; green isn't my colour, and there's a reason it isn't #1.

Number 4: These Broken Stars

Lilac's the most spoilt princess in the galaxy, with a stunning dress that immediately takes the breath out of Tarver, super spunky soldier who happens to loathe

Soundtrack Saturday #1

Saturday's Book Meme is inspired by The Hardcover Lover.

Criteria for the mini soundtrack:
Include a song that you think goes well with the beginning of your chosen bookInclude a song you think fits a character in your chosen bookInclude a song that represents a relationship in your chosen bookInclude a song that fits the ending of the book
 This soundtrack is for Jessica's Guide to Dating the Dark Side.

Beginning of the book: Are You Gonna Be My Girl- Jet.Character; Luc: Come on Closer- Jem.Relationship; The Betrothed Vampires:Chapel of Love- the Dixie Cups.Ending of the book (spoilers):I Do- Colbie CaillatORHeavy In Your Arms- Florence + The Machine.
I hope you're all having a lovely Saturday! I'm off to my psychologists and then will spoil myself to some afternoon reading, hopefully. 
the other one

Friday 56 #1

TGIF, my peeps!

Today's post is inspired by Freda's Voice.

From Girlxoxo:
Grab a book, any book, and turn to page 56. Find a sentence that grabs you and post it either on your blog or on Instagram tagged with #Friday56.
I've selected Obsidian as I knew I'd be immediately captivated:

I can't pick an exact quote! What's happening is basically Katy and Daemon (my OTP) go on their first unofficial date at their local river bank, and go swimming.
And oh.
If it isn't hot enough, it certainly is after reading the full chapter. 
Heres a link to my reviews: [2, 3, & 4] if you want to know how much I love this series. 
It's basically Twilight but with aliens. Very hot aliens. The world is so well constructed and it centres around a book blogger named Katy! Highly unrealistic which means it's the best escape.
Enjoy your Friday! I'll be enjoying my weekly pizza and maybe an all-nighter reading for a new series. 
the other one

Updated My Theme

Hello my 8 stunning readers,

For the first time in 2 years; I updated my theme.

I'm having a few technical difficulties, so please excuse them until they are fixed.

If you think you or you know of somebody that can help me, please go over to my request on the Blogger help forum.

The main issue (full request found at the link above):
I know this has been mentioned several times, but the solutions people give such as the codes for CSS/HTML are not working. 

I have been searching for a solution for over 2 hours now. Sometimes when I try out the suggestions, my posts will "loop(I think that's the term?); where they repeat themselves in the same post, and the thumbnail isn't at the top (the picture just repeats itself like the rest of the post). Other times that [ugly] thumbnail with disproportions (and yes, I know how to change to ratio of them) will remain there. 
I am happy for the tiny thumbnails to stay in my sidebar with my Popular This Month section, but not on my post…

When I First Saw You? #1

Thursday's Book Meme is inspired by Sailing Through Books.

Exert from Girlxoxo:
 link up to your post on first impressions of a book cover in the form of a made-up synopsis … so basically judging a book by it’s cover yes.
 So I only read E&P this year, a few months ago. I had never read any of Rowell's books before, and heard they were as quirky as John Green's. For some reason I did not account that this may be as heartbreaking as John Green's books.

I thought this book, judging by the cover, was about two teens from my contemporary age. Eleanor was extremely uptight, skinny, and was obsessed with music. She probably had blonde hair and the perfect family life, and found Park walking in well... a park? Park, seen in this cover, was a skate boarder dude who probably was caught up with the pot heads of the group. He was laid back with no future plans scoped out. Maybe Park accidentally crashed into E as she had her headphones on? Opposites collide; the stars aline. T…

Queen of Shadows Review

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

4/5 stars.
This book was soooooooo much better than the others in the series!! I'm so happy I finally like one.
Would I read it again? Sure. It wouldn't be a painful read at all (as long as I maintained my almost skimming pace).
I actually FELT what the characters were feeling this time. Each and every one of them (except for Manon. I really don't like her storyline. I'd honestly prefer for her to be cut from this series pls and thanks).
So many times I had to stop and go "AWWW" or sigh. The feels, man. The feels.
I had such low expectations after all the other books. Thanks for all my goodreads buddies for making me persist through the series.
Maybe this series is like twilight? You enjoy reading the first, the middle ones suck, and you're back to enjoying the final ending of the saga. 
One of my favourite moments was at the end:
"Dorian said, 'So here we are.''The end of the road,' Aelin said with a half smi…

Library Loot #1

Welcome to Wednesday's Book Meme, inspired by the Captive Reader, and Silly Litter Mischief.

The last time I went to the library was last week, a day before my last 2 exams for Trials.

I needed a reward to get me through the study, as I decided I would take the immediate day off to sit back and read (which is a lie; I ended up organising my Book Meme Week and binge watching Friends).

However, on a small loot from the library, I have borrowed:

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. MaasQueen of Shadows by Sarah J. MaasCinder by Marissa MeyerA Glittering Court by Richelle Mead 
These have been FOREVER on my list, and I decided it would be the best treat ever to indulge myself in a little fantasy. I've read a lot of PJO recently, and needed some other branches of YA fantasy to prevent another reading slump to occur. 
After writing up all my posts for the Book Meme Week, I shall be starting these books (in the exact order they're listed in). 
If you've read my review on Crown of Midnight…

Tell Me Something Tuesday #1

This day's meme is inspired by Rainy Day Ramblings.
Do you have any tips on how to save some money when buying books? Tell us about it! Question from Fiction Book Review.

I'm going to answer this suited best for the Australian audience, who prefer paperbacks like myself. I'm sure your country has to equivalent websites I'm about to suggest. 

For a while, I was a huge sucker to major corporations like Dymocks. Around 1.5 years ago, I found Booktopia. They offered free shipping to those in Australia, with a "wide" range-- at the time I had barely breached the grounds of John Green and other popular bestersellers-- of YA books.

Boy, what a fool I was.

On one evening, when I was so bored I looked up 'book price comparison website', I found Booko. What a blessing it was to find. It gave me a link to every book imaginable under my Goodreads TBR list, along with second hand books. Most of the time, the cheapest books are found at Book Depository or Abe Books.

Mailbox Monday #1

Good morning, readers!

Today we're going to hit it off with Mailbox Monday.

My birthday is coming up close (1 week to be exact!), and a bunch of my orders are beginning to be delivered. If you don't already know, I'm 16. I'm sure it would be weird if you thought I was 30+ and saw me referring to all these presents my mum is getting me as a little absurd.

I sent my mother a list at the start of August, determined to receive the books on time! It also ensures my essential picks are already chosen and so if my friends get me random, cheap selections like last year (I appreciate the thought; but when I send my friends my Goodreads TBR list... with a ranking system... I mean, c'mon). Those books sit at the bottom of my shelves hidden away. I can't have them taking up prime realestate on my upper shelves!

So although the books are arriving; I've forgotten which books I asked for I quickly just logged onto my mum's AbeBooks account, which is where I bought mos…

Book Meme Challenge

What's up, readers?

I'm really motivated to get this blog to it's full potential. It's not just the look and followers that help reach that; but obviously, the content.

Girlxoxo has inspired me to do a week long book meme challenge. Each day for the following week, I'll upload a themed post such as Mailbox Monday.

This is what I should always be doing on my blog to keep it nice and entertaining, but I enjoy freelancing and reviewing whenever.

But I am curious to live in the footsteps of Katy (from the Lux Series) and her epic post-schedule (I swear that girl has 3 posts each day!)

Let's see how this goes. Maybe I'll pick up a few that'll stick with me on this blog? :)

Time to get started! 

Sunday Goals

It's my last day of freedom before I return to school.
What I've been up to: I went to a snazzy 18th birthday party. All my friends are 18 while I'm 16. It was very tame from regular 18th's, I imagine, as I played card games all night. I really liked what a wore (though nobody else did). I call it "Primeminister's Wife".

As I was sick, and it's the middle of winter, of course I wore:

Accessorised by:

I thought I looked great, but when I turned up everybody was in jeans (except for the hosts) and I got a side glance from everybody.
Oh well, I was excited to wear my 'costume'. 
I've had the flu for about 4 days- I just crashed after Trial Exams. Today's my last day of recovery.

My friend BACKED OUT COMPLETELY from TATINOF. If you haven't read the drama already, here my post explaining what's been goin down. The annoying this is it's one day before I see them; and I could've gotten the tickets I wanted without her! Now …

Heir of Fire Review

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

3/5 stars
Do you have any tips on how to save some money when buying books? Tell us about it!I can already hear the rest of you guys screaming "ONLY 3 STARS??? ARE YOU CRAZY?"
I want to reply, "I'm sorry, did we read the same book? How is this book so largely rated as 5/5 stars?"

This book was at such a paintstakingly long pace, I had to eventually just start skimming. A lot of the writing was unnecessary. I find this a regular issue in fantasy novels. Especially the overrated ones.
If I had to skim, why bother continuing, right?
I'm a superficial. I know, I'm sorry. The cover is so pretty. So many Goodreads users adore this series.

The first instalment was great. The writing was a little boring for me, but the concept and characters were what stuck for me.
Then the second book, I pretty much hated. I feel like not a lot happened until boom this death and this totally predictable betrayal. Romance triangle intensifies. 
And then yo…

The Amazing Tour is not on Fire

Hello my friends! 
So I'm about to share you my story of getting my tickets to Sydney's TATINOF.
If you didn't already know; I'm a huge fan of Phan. For 4.5 years now. I miss their old stuff by nonetheless I support them now. AND THEY'RE FINALLY COMING TO AUSTRALIA!
I was shaking while trying to order the tickets. I actually forgot the first round they held. Thankfully, they created more events and I was prepared this time. I set up the web page and got mum to standby to purchase the tickets via her PayPal. 
I managed to grab two seats, second row of the gold class (the best after VIP) tickets. 
But oh. 
Oh no.
The page HAD to freeze. It HAD to forget my details and selections of seats. I HAD to start fresh. I actually cried because the next available seats were at the back. 
I was unsatisfied with my second best choosing, and so I searched the official Facebook page for anybody reselling better tickets.
For about 2 weeks I chatted with some uni student who had no …

Days 6-18 of #AKReadsAug2016 Reading Challenge

Day 6: same colour- red 
Day 7: best friendships- I'm gonna have to say all of the moments in Rick Riordan's series.
Day 8: my favourite quote (of all time!)
Day 9: books about books- for Book Lover's Day 💖📚💖 
Day 10: Chapter 10- I finished this book but there's a bunch of photos that I've taken with it so???
Skipping Day 11 because it's an ugly photo of some books in my Never To Read But Got As A Gift pile.
Day 12: 5 star book- Clockwork Princess! I read this about once a year and everytime it makes me bawl my eyes out. It has the perfect solution to a love triangle! 
Day 13: books in bed (with my awesome reading light 10/10). Book: Lost Hero (review found here!)
Day 14: Sunday sheflie- I recently pulled a bunch of books from it but here ya go. Featured are the Cage and the Lux Series (some of my faves for 2016!)
Day 15: books and glasses 
Day 16: fandom pride- hey look who it is??? I'm seeing these dorks in like a week 😎🙌🏻 ps this isn't even all my merch…

Sweet Peril Review

Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins

Link to the prior instalment; Sweet Evil.
3/5 stars
Don't get me wrong-- this book IS NOT bad. 
It's just… after the epic first instalment, this was a blurgh follow up. Nothing happened for ages and I really didn't care for her "woe is me". Seriously: it was boring to read. I shall never put myself through that ever again. 
However, once Kai and Anna started talking again (bless), and the whole jealous love triangle with Kope started to take its course-- I was back into reading it. It's a shame one of the only redeeming qualities of this book is the love love triangle. It's so cliche to enjoy, but really; it's fun to see the son of Wrath, Lust and the daughter of Substance Abuse get into a dramatic, teen angst ridden commotion. 
I didn't enjoy Zania's plot that much. 
Blake made me smile whenever the was mentioned. He has some lighthearted goodness that adds to the book.
This book was pretty tame compared to the previous, …

Fighting the Facebook Addiction

Now I wouldn't say I'm addicted to Facebook, per se.

But I would most definitely say I have an urge to see if somebody has messaged me on Facebook, when I know there's no reason for anybody to message me. I've tried to cut back already by deleting the app and messaging my friends on my phone.

What is it that I love about a meaningless scroll through Facebook?

I actually hate to do it on Instagram, particularly on personal accounts. It's so dull.

But Facebook?

It has partially to do with what was mentioned earlier, about my need to see if I'm needed or thought of from somebody else.

But I think it's also being in the 'know' of things. Buzzfeedis also addictive.

I may have 2x 1000 word essays to memorise in 1 night, but that evanescent need continues to lurk in the back of my mind.

I read on Goodreads one of my friends has successfully changed their Facebook addiction to a even larger book addiction.

Wouldn't we all love to have extra time to read…