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We Both Reached For the Gun

Sorry, this isn't a book update.

However, it's an everyday update.

I have:

been under many assessments- half over.planned an itinerary for my NYC trip.partied at 5 18th birthdays.visited my psychologist.watched Chicago (2002) for the first time!
I just want to state how much I love that musical. It's been added to my top list of musicals, ever.
I'd write more, however I'm trying not to get caught on my computer late at night.
the other one

Black Ice Review

Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

More like a 4.75/5

Let me get this straight, the first 26 pages- I absolutely HATED. She was super annoying. And used the term "daddy", which we all know I loath from a fully grown girl. 

But then Mason/Jude/whatever came in… and BAM! The story was… delish! (That's weird to say but it's the only way I can describe it).

For sure, this book will be haunting me. It genuinely terrified me and kept me on my feet. However, you can check my updates, I'd like to claim that I predicted who the actual murderer was. I felt pretty proud of myself, as I'm quite dopey when it comes to mysteries. 

I hated almost everything about Korbie. So props to Becca for making her so unlikable. I'm glad at the end Britt (I cringe at that name) finally gets a good best friend (Caz). 

3/4 of the book were definitely not romantic. Unless you count her despair over Cal (FYI, very weird to read about as we share the same name). But rest assured, the last 1/4 was…

Sweet Evil Review

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

A million/5 stars!
When I first saw this book on goodreads, I was a bit skeptical for the majority of the ratings being 5 stars. Cmon, it's a trashy paranormal romance in the YA section. How can it be deemed 5 stars?
But oh.


This is an AMAZING book! It's gotten me out of my reading slump, after reading a really bad paranormal romance *cough* Wither *cough*. 
So many times this book made me giggle. And gasp. And cringe VERBALLY. 
The characters were so well developed and LIKEABLE (the ones your supposed to, anyways). Their relationships were so interesting and valuable, I'm truly grateful for the thought Higgins has put into this book.
Initially, I thought this book was just going to be about Anna's trip to LA. Usually, I'd dread a slow pace book for that. But I was perfectly happy to read about these two on their on little journey. However, I was pleasantly surprised (yet still heartbroken) that the trip wasn't the centre focu…

Wither Review

Wither by 2/5 stars

I think this book would've been more interesting if it focused on the first generation's. Because sad world is not fun nor interesting to read about.

I don't think I'll be reading the sequels. I thought there'd be more... Substance... To the book, however, I found this book to be quite shallow.

I've been comparing a few books to the Selection recently, so I apologise. But this book was like the first half of the selection, just more tragically polygamous and less glamorous. I didn't fall for any of the characters, which was unfortunate. Actually, I take that back. What IS unfortunate, is that the one character I did like, Rose, wasn't in the book for long. Now THAT was tragic.

This book is for those who hated Prince Maxon but loved Aaron.

I have nothing against polygamous relationships, but I'm sick and tired of seeing them with a male surrounded by women. The women are put AGAINST each other, and somehow, after all t…


This just in:

The sequels to Sweet Evil (yas)
and the FINALE to the Lux Series!

I also found out I'm getting more wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday... So woohoo? Less pain? But oh god I won't be able to eat or drink or read. Ugh!

I'll (hopefully) keep you posted. I still need to read Lament, Hex Hall, and ToG (#2).

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Brave New World Mini-Review

Brave New World by

3/5 stars
All I can say is… what the fuck?


I did appreciate the Shakespeare references.

I didn't appreciate anything else from this book. I'll be interested to analyse it in class to get some understanding of this.

W;t Mini-Review

Wit by

I'd give it much more as it had a wonderful meaning being it. However, it was surely unenjoyable to read. I hated once the dialogue... Sort of... Halved down the page(?). That was unpleasant. I'm sure it's highly entertaining in the play. I also find Bearing a little to pretentious for my liking. I mainly wanted to hit her over the head with a brick. But hey, that's just my opinion!

Not. Fun. To Read.