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Finally my second term is over!

It's actually going pretty fast- I'm scared for my final year in high school that's coming closer.

To celebrate the end of term I had a few friends over to eat some pizza and play Cards Against Humanity. It certainly was fun; laughter, food and a good game. I'm still eased by social situations so it wasn't the best. By the end of it I was ready to crash. It truly was a good night, better than going out to an event I'm forced to endure with content I'm not really wanting to hear.

My holiday's are going to be filled (hopefully) with:
a book a daygo for a run once a dayeating healthy (?????? I haven't done this in a while)eventually doing my assignments, probably the last week of it I'm either super healthy or super not so I'll keep you posted on my goals. If I focus on these as a mantra with "focus only on today" then hopefully I can do it!
Current Weight: 76.6kg Social Event/Outings: 1 (pizza game nigh…


Today was horrible.
I arrived at the Library at 12:30 to do my assignments. I finished by 1. I had 2 more hours until my mother would give me a lift home, and although I love to read, I left all my books at home and didn’t want to start anything new. At around 1, a boy similar age to me sees me through the glass windows of the library. Like a zoo animal on display, he stared at me through the barrier. 5 minutes later, the chair closest to mind squeaks as somebody sits down. I turn to see the guy from before, directly and whole-hearty staring and examining me. From my awkwardness and uncomfortableness, I began to sweat. This is starting to sound like a freaky fanfiction, but I can assure you reader’s, anything I tell you today was a negative. 
I could feel his eyes on me, watching my every movement. He finally moved and inserted his eye phones in his ears. I swear he didn’t blink. All he would do was watch me type as I did meaningless adjustments to my edits. I turned up my music and dug…

Catch-22 (Ch 1-4)

"Men went mad and were rewarded with medals. All over the world, boys on every side of the bomb line were laying down their lives for what they had been told was their country and no one seemed to mind, least of all the boys who were laying down their young lives."
Reading only the first 4 chapter's of Catch-22, I'm already effected. The writing is beautiful, the narration is witty (and a little cynical),  and there's so many messages portrayed that I don't understand why nobody else is crazing over it. Sure, it's been 50 year's since the first publish, but the youth of today needs to read about this. 

It's been decades since the Vietnam War, and yet, men are still choosing to go made for a medal. Humanity is still searching for the resolution and recognition they desire for the meaning of their existence. The question isn't why. But how? How are we not realising our own faults? How do we stop this paradoxical meaningless [while searching for m…

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Hello my fellow readers,It has come to my attention that everybody is not reading enough. Sure there's fanatic book reader's like myself, unfortunately, that's not enough. Every morning, recess and lunch I go to the library, and I am one of the only people in there reading.Reading is so different compared to other forms of entertainment. Here's some fact's that I googled;

Children and young people who do not achieve expected levels of literacy are likely to be from disadvantaged backgrounds.14% of children in lower income homes rarely or never read books for pleasure.Only 1 in 5 parents easily find the opportunity to read to their children.Parents are the most important reading role models for children and young people.(National Literacy Trust, Reaching Out with Role Models, April 2009)10 to 16 year-olds who read for pleasure do better at school.(2013 research by Dr Alice Sullivan and Matt Brown from the Institute of Education)Reading for pleasure is more important …

4 Years Later...

I had the blessing to spend the entire day with one of my fellow crushes.

She has been a never ending blessing and curse throughout my coming-of-age. As the confusion grew for my identity, she has exponentially contributed to the issue. I was insanely jealous of all her close friends when I moved to the school, and over a year I was attempting to be best friends with her. At the time, I thought it was just to be her closest friend. But I wondered- why did I want to be her closest friend? And why was upset when she showed interest in other girls?

Either I was an insanely possessive girl, or had a big-time girl crush.

And not the girl-crushes straight girls get.

I realised I was only associating to her friends because they had known my crush for a long time and were well-established with her. I decided to switch groups. From this time forward, I had time to catch up and continue my "self identity" phase (lot's of fashion errors and regrettable stories for another time).


Journaling Project

To figure out my trigger's, my councillor has asked for me to record all my mood's and describe what's around me/ what's going on. Of course, I won't be publishing those online. I have many diaries, but I won't be bringing in any of those for him to see... So I'm starting a new one, purely so my councillor can't read my actual diaries, what teenager wants that?

I haven't recorded anything in 4 days- oops.

I'll be working on it, catching up. I have a long weekend so hoorah- another day to procrastinate! Having that one extra day has really helped me plan out and achieve more. I wish we had more long-weekends.  That one extra day is a god sent.

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Thank You!

Here is a quick post to say THANK YOU! I reached 1000 views on my blog today! I'm so happy I've been able to achieve this. The first of many milestones to accomplish, I'm sure. Thanks for my faithful 4 followers.

I'm not really sure what to post for your appeal, so if you have any suggestions: PLEASE! COMMENT! BELOW!

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