Thanks for stumbling upon my page!

I made this blog as an outlet for coping with some pretty bad stuff when I was in high school. Books are a passion of mine; so this blog was a perfect outlet for them both.

I mainly focus on books now, but I do like to track my mental health recovery from time-to-time.

Basic Stuff:

My name is Cal. The only social media I use is Goodreads. You can find my favourite books in this list, here. You can find my favourite authors in this list, here.

I currently attend university, I'm working on a teaching degree in history. I also aspire to become a librarian once I'm a post-graduate. 

Books I Typically Read:

Romance. If it has a flicker of love in it, for some reason, I'm hooked. It's how I find meaning in my stories. I'm not sure what this says about my view in life, but be warned: my interests always centre around my favourite couples!