Days 6-18 of #AKReadsAug2016 Reading Challenge

Day 6: same colour- red 

Day 7: best friendships- I'm gonna have to say all of the moments in Rick Riordan's series.

Day 8: my favourite quote (of all time!)

Day 9: books about books- for Book Lover's Day 💖📚💖 

Day 10: Chapter 10- I finished this book but there's a bunch of photos that I've taken with it so???

Skipping Day 11 because it's an ugly photo of some books in my Never To Read But Got As A Gift pile.

Day 12: 5 star book- Clockwork Princess! I read this about once a year and everytime it makes me bawl my eyes out. It has the perfect solution to a love triangle! 

Day 13: books in bed (with my awesome reading light 10/10). Book: Lost Hero (review found here!)

Day 14: Sunday sheflie- I recently pulled a bunch of books from it but here ya go. Featured are the Cage and the Lux Series (some of my faves for 2016!)

Day 15: books and glasses 

Day 16: fandom pride- hey look who it is??? I'm seeing these dorks in like a week 😎🙌🏻 ps this isn't even all my merch I have plenty more that I hide away

Day 17: one word title- there are heaps of those but here ya go 😎 I haven't actually read this book yet. I'm getting to it, I promise. Sorta. 

Sorry I kept you guys waiting. Enjoy the pics xx Share your link if you're doing the challenge too, I'll check 'em out!

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