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~Summer Fun~

Well a lot has happened since I've last posted...

I've been to a psychologist. I have severe anxiety and agoraphobia. The day I found out; I was locked out of the house for 3 hours. I ended up sleeping over at my friends.

Summer holidays have come and gone; I'm officially a senior is high school. That's sorta terrifying...

I read about 10 books during the holiday (not nearly enough).

My study schedule has gone down hill dramatically. I used to study 4 hours every day, now I get home. Sleep until 8. Do necessary homework. If I don't do my homework or study, everything I do rather is never enjoyed because all I feel is guilt.

I feel constantly bored and depressed or in this anxious turmoil. Either way; I have no control. Hence why I cut myself while my parent was away for 10 days.

Somehow, I always get myself close to 2 people and we form a threesome. Then those 2 people start to like each other, and I am left. I've gotten myself in that position again, and usuall…